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LIS 543 Human Information Interaction

General Course Information

Winter 2020

Workload: A general rule of thumb is that for every hour of a graduate-level class, you should expect to do 3-4 hours of work, including class time. So, for a three-credit graduate-level course such as this one, that would equal 9-12 hours of work per week. This is an average; some weeks it could be a bit less, and some weeks it could be a bit more (for example, when you have an assignment due).

This course includes many readings. These readings, our class discussions of them, and student discussion leading are an important and significant part of our course and of your workload. The reading load is lower during the weeks you have major assignments due to give you time to complete them during those weeks.

Your Responsibilities: Both you (as students) and I (as your instructor) have responsibilities as part of our collective learning experience this semester. I expect you to

My Responsibilities and Philosophy: As your instructor I am, of course, also responsible for establishing and maintaining a positive and productive learning environment. One of the main purposes of the University of Alberta is to be a successful learning and training environment for your lives and careers. To achieve this, in this course I will do my best to facilitate a collaborative and creative learning community. I also will encourage communication and interaction among you and between you and I, and do my best to address your varied strengths and multiple learning styles. I intend to do my best to

I enjoy helping you grasp concepts and apply them creatively to new and exciting situations, and having you share, communicate, create, and apply knowledge as part of a collaborative and creative learning community. I hope and believe that these activities within—and beyond—this course will prepare you for wherever your careers may take you.