LIS 538 Digital Libraries

Course Schedule and Reading List - Winter 2018

Readings below marked with “[in eClass]” can be found within the “Readings in eClass” section of our eClass web site. These are provided to you in accordance with the University of Alberta's "Use of Copyright Materials Policy.” Other readings and materials are accessible via the University of Alberta Libraries and/or by following the links included.

Week 1 (Jan 11)
Introduction to digital libraries

Week 2 (Jan 18)
History, definitions, and types of digital libraries

Week 3 (Jan 25)
Digital library architecture and technology

Week 4 (Feb 1)
Digital content and collections

Week 5 (Feb 8)
A1: Critical Paper on Digital Libraries due at 12 noon

Week 6 (Feb 15)
Digital repositories

Week 7 (Feb 22)
NO CLASS - Winter Term Reading Week

Week 8 (Mar 1)
Digital library evaluation
A2: Digital Repository Exploration due at 12 noon

Week 9 (Mar 8)
Information organization and representation

Week 10 (Mar 15)
Digital library software (lab)
A3: Evaluation of an Operational Digital Library due at 12 noon

Week 11 (Mar 22)
Digital preservation

Week 12 (Mar 29)
Digital library interfaces and usability

Week 13 (Apr 5)
Digital library building

Week 14 (Apr 12)
Information access and retrieval; wrapping up
A4: Building a Digital Library due at 12 noon
Discussion and Participation Self-Reflection due Fri Apr 13, 12 noon