Adam Worrall

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Fall 2009, taught by Dr. Melissa Gross

This seminar provided an in-depth look at a variety of research methods, designs, and approaches. These included surveys and questionnaires; true and quasi-experiments; unobtrusive methods such as content analysis, log analysis, and unobtrusive observation; qualitative methods including interviews, focus groups, and participant observation; and mixed methods combining quantitative and qualitative methods in the same study. Writing a literature review, choosing research method(s), sampling techniques, and research ethics were also covered by this course. No actual research took place; the emphasis was on research design.

The papers I completed for this class, with the exception of the first, each took a different methodological approach to the same research problem: the support of community-building and collaboration in digital libraries. I also presented each of these papers, except the first, in class for 20 minutes the day the paper was due. The first paper presented an initial literature review of the literature covering this research problem, which was expanded upon throughout the semester in the remaining papers. All papers and presentations were titled Not Just Content: Supporting Community-Building and Collaboration in Digital Libraries.

The papers are as follows: