Adam Worrall

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Fall 2010, taught by Dr. Paul Marty

This course was a doctoral-level review of the topic of information behavior, focusing on the evolution of information behavior research over time. The evolution of key concepts, models, and theories was considered, and each student selected a key concept, model, person, or theory to explore further in the second half of the class. For this I chose Fisher’s theory of information grounds as my focus, thus learning more about its development, application, and influence and expanding my knowledge of the information behavior component of my research agenda. This exploration was focused around two assignments, which are detailed below.

Annotated Bibliography

The first was an annotated bibliography of papers and articles that illustrated the development, application, and influence of the theory of information grounds. I completed both an initial draft and a final version of my annotated bibliography.

Influence Paper

The second assignment was a substantial paper assessing the impact and influence of the theory of information grounds on information behavior research. The evolving development and application of the theory over time were also discussed. I titled my paper The Impact and Influence of Information Grounds on Information Behavior Research.