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Fall 2010, taught by Dr. Deborah Armstrong

This course, per its syllabus, covered the topics of knowledge management and business intelligence “from an organizational perspective.” The content of the course included discussion of and readings on the nature of knowledge; knowledge discovery, generation, capture, transfer, sharing, and application; communities of practice; the relation of core capabilities, core rigidities, and organizational innovation to knowledge management; and trust and ethics in knowledge management.

Assignments in this course included weekly discussion board posts (which I have not included here), five short papers called “exercises,” and two major exams.


The instructions for the exercises were provided in advance, as part of lecture notes for the week the exercise was due. All exercises were to be single-spaced and not exceed two pages in length.


The two major exams were written assignments, with the instructions only made available approximately 10 days before they were due. The exams each covered half of the course (the second was not a “final” exam).