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Spring 2010, taught by Dr. Judith Devine

This course provided an overview of the rules, regulations, and guidelines for conducting responsible and ethical research across disciplines. It was organized based on nine core areas of responsible research identified by the US Office of Research Integrity. The course included a number of short reaction papers to case studies, as well as a team presentation of one of the core areas; the latter also included one or more team-written case studies in that area.

Reaction Papers

Each of these papers was meant to be a maximum of 300 words, and responded to the following three prompts as they related to a given case study:

  1. What are the facts of the case?
  2. What ethical issue(s) is/are involved and how are they resolved?
  3. How would you have prevented or resolved the ethical issue(s)?

Team Presentation

I worked in a team with Cheryl Price, a graduate student from the Humanities department. We prepared a presentation on the topic of authorship, publication, and peer review; we also prepared two case studies on this topic which were part of our presentation. While these slides and cases were a joint effort, I had primary responsibility for slides 2–6 and 11–16, as well as the first of the two case studies.

  1. This paper was resubmitted after Dr. Devine offered students the opportunity to resubmit one of the first two reaction papers.